Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm back...

So I took a Lil break to rehab from all the fucked up shit in my life... Too much to get into, but let's just say it wasn't worth all the drama.

So were back to my habit... Fucking whores. I don't know why I do... I just do.

No need to play catch up. Let's just say since last I wrote I think I've banged like 15... Not bad but nowhere near the amount I wanna put my dick into.

Ahhhh these whores! You gotta luv em!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sometimes I just fucking hate stripper sluts

So Friday I venture to this black strip club and although in black I usually don't like sistas. Anyway, I'm there spending roughly 200 bucks on these hoes. I found 3 that were outstanding. 2 were dancers and 1 a bartender. The 2 that were dancers danced for me and I asked for their numbers. I got one and left one, neither bitch replied or reached out... Clearly these black bitches know I wanna fuck! But why am I getting the hard time? Fucking whores! The bartender asks why do u want my number with that wedding ring on your hand? I said because I'm a rich fucker who buys 2buck hoes like you an walked out! Lol I'll go back next week! I luv these 5 dollar hoes!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Having lunch...

So I'm having lunch with my co-worker. She's a sexy lil long in tooth age wise white chick. She tells me she used to be a former flight attendant so immediately her bangability goes up 15%. I make a remark about sucking dick ad she looks at me as if to say WTF? Ok so maybe I stepped out a bit too much with this one. One the car ride back to the office she tells me she thinks somethins wrong with her cause all she can think about is how she ducked this random guy 2 weeks ago...

Oh yeah this bitch will definately be fucked by me!

Ok it's 3:00, one more hour and I'm outaa here and headed to a strip club to look at perfect 10s spreading their pretty pussys for cash! Fucking whores! LOL!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm bored...

Tired, ready to go to bed. I went out tonite. I talked to the local bartender. Tight tiny skinny white chick with short hair. I've been going by her bar when she works for a few weeks now. I'm like a cat stalking my prey.

I think alot of guys mess up because they want to get some pussy on day 1. Thats not how it works. You have to wait a few. Then the pussy will be yours.

So I went by, talked and left with a hug and kiss on the lips this time. I gently tapped her ass on the way out the door. Gave her a wink and glanced back at the door to see her watching me get into my sportscar.

Its only a matter of time.

I think I'm going to jerk off to some Velicity Von porn I have. I simpley luv that slut!

And here we go

OK, so where do I start. I wanted to document what happens out here. How women and men act. I mean how we REALLY act. So here we go.

I'm a 40 something year old Male. I am very successful. People have no idea I am the way I am.
I live in a major metro city. I have a spacious loft condo that I share with my 2nd wife of 5 plus years. I have all the toys a man could want. I drive a luxury sportscar, have a great view of the city and pull down six figures a year.

I'm black.
She's white.
My mistresses are all colors, but what they are is beautiful and sexy and in this game of life we play.

Thus thats me. I'm a male whore. I've been this way since I discovered that a great feeling comes from my cock when effectively used right!

You will read in this blog my stories. My nights, my thoughts, my feelings, my struggles of being a good man, a good husband, and yes a whore who lives a double standard.

So are you up for the real story... like the name says. Here we go!