Monday, August 3, 2009

Sometimes I just fucking hate stripper sluts

So Friday I venture to this black strip club and although in black I usually don't like sistas. Anyway, I'm there spending roughly 200 bucks on these hoes. I found 3 that were outstanding. 2 were dancers and 1 a bartender. The 2 that were dancers danced for me and I asked for their numbers. I got one and left one, neither bitch replied or reached out... Clearly these black bitches know I wanna fuck! But why am I getting the hard time? Fucking whores! The bartender asks why do u want my number with that wedding ring on your hand? I said because I'm a rich fucker who buys 2buck hoes like you an walked out! Lol I'll go back next week! I luv these 5 dollar hoes!